Pop Quiz: Is That a Performance Issue or a Conduct Issue?

on October 1, 2019

Now and then, employees screw up—but not every blunder carries the same weight. Sometimes it’s a simple mistake; other times, it’s the result of a larger problem such as a pattern of misbehavior, disrespect, or willing noncompliance. Do you know the difference between a performance issue and a conduct issue? Find out by taking our Pop Quiz.

As always, each quiz question below is adapted from actual material in our training catalog. See if you can answer these real compliance questions correctly.

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Toby Graham

Toby manages the marketing communications team here at KPA. She's on a quest to help people tell clear, fun stories that their audience can relate to. She's a HUGE sugar junkie...and usually starts wandering the halls looking for cookies around 3pm daily.

Toby GrahamPop Quiz: Is That a Performance Issue or a Conduct Issue?

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