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Limit Liability from First Contact to Deal Close

Compliance Solutions, Training & Audits

Complete Team Accountability

KPA’s F&I Compliance solution provides the online, onsite, and on-call resources to ensure everyone is accountable for implementing a compliant sales process, including your front line sales personnel, extending beyond the F&I team, seen in other more limited solutions.

  • Templates for information security and identity theft protection
  • Remote and onsite deal jacket audits
  • Advertising regulations
  • Best practices and policy insight
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Targeted For Dealerships

KPA’s F&I Compliance solution is specifically designed for transportation dealers including automotive, truck, RV, marine, and powersports, all of whom are looking for a verifiable compliance program:

  • Avoid deceptive advertising practices
  • Track accountability
  • Effectively implement federal and state regulations
  • Manage legal issues impacting sales and finance personnel

Delivered online, onsite, and on-call, the KPA solution delivers a detailed compliance program assessing risks and helping to design and implement policies, programs, and training, ensuring all customer-facing personnel and programs are accountable and effective. KPA clients:

  • Minimize the risk of fines and penalties
  • Provide the best overall buying experience
  • Drive increased sales
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Extend repeat and referral business
  • Result in higher profits

Complete Dealership Visibility

The F&I Compliance solution delivers full management visibility, across multiple dealerships, giving managers comprehensive views into:

  • Training completion and comprehension
  • Deal jacket audit results
  • Sales and finance audit results
  • Issue tracking
  • Issue resolution
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Training and Audits

KPA’s F&I Compliance solution is designed to meet your specific needs through a combination of software, training, and on-site support. KPA’s comprehensive solution limits liabilities across your sales and finance departments, protecting your dealership. We drive accountability by delivering:

  • Online training
  • On-site audits
  • Immediate access to customized policies and procedures

The F&I Compliance solution helps grow your revenue and profits:

  • Better buying experiences
  • Improved customer service
  • Increased repeat and referral business
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How We Add Value to Your Organization

transform compliance iconEnsure F&I Compliance

KPA’s sales and finance services provide online, onsite, and on-call resources to accurately identify risks and determine the necessary actions needed to achieve both state and federal compliance.

Streamline Processes IconStreamline Policies & Procedures

Our solutions provide everything a dealership needs to identify and set the right standards, create policies and procedures to follow standards, and track and monitor activity to prove accountability.

training iconEffectively Train Your Sales & Finance Team

Online content library with forms, templates, and timely articles by nationally recognized experts. Easily accessible and a customizable resource that can be used daily by sales and finance personnel.

inspections iconEffective Inspection & Audit Tools

We provide regular onsite sales and finance audits, including optional deal jacket audits that catch errors, avoiding lawsuits and inspection penalties.

profitability iconMinimize Risk. Maximize Profits.

KPA risk and compliance solutions for sales and finance departments provide effective solutions that focus on fair practices, ethical behaviors, cut risks and drive a positive change to the sales culture.

information security iconSafeguard Consumer Information

KPA delivers a comprehensive program that helps safeguard consumer information and privacy. KPA will assess your information security risks, and design an effective program, and policies.

Solutions Checklist

  • Inspection and Audit Tools
  • Information Security Program
  • Identity Theft Prevention Program
  • Remote and Onsite Deal Jacket Audits
  • Sales and Inventory Best Practices
  • Self Inspection Tools
  • Customized Written Programs, and Policies
  • Onsite and On-Call Advice from Experts
  • Sales and Finance Audits
  • Ensure Regulatory Compliance
  • Simplify Processes and Procedures
  • Document and Policy Management

Platform Features

  • Key Tracking and Reporting
  • Action Item Tracking
  • Instant Findings Report
  • Mobile Device Accessibility
  • Web-Based Management System
  • Training Quizes and Engagement Levels
  • Real Time Updates
  • Single Sign On
  • Incident User Interface
  • User Friendly Interface
  • Online Interactive Training
  • Management Dashboards

The KPA Advantage

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Audits and Self Inspections

Compliance Visibility

Our experts are here to find a solution that’s right for you.

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